About Sterling Suffolk

Sterling Suffolk

Sterling Suffolk was formed in 2015, by likeminded people with the aim of producing high flavour tomatoes in Suffolk, using less energy, less water, less chemicals and having a lower impact on the local environment.

The glasshouse was funded in an innovative way by a mixture of private equity and loans from over a hundred private individuals.

Blakenham Nursery

Blakenham nursery phase 1 was built in 2018, with construction starting after a very cold wet March and construction continuing through a dry hot summer. The nursery was completed by 17thDecember and the first plants arrived on 18th December.

Blakenham nursery is the first semi closed glasshouse in the UK and was designed to have a greater energy efficiency than a conventional glasshouse.  Being Semi closed means that the glasshouse only has 15% of the roof vents of a conventional glasshouse, so relies on water evaporation to cool the air.

Future Development

We aim to build phase 2 and phase 3 over the coming few years bring even more high-tech horticulture to our part of Suffolk.